Anti Slavery Notice

Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd. is committed to tackling slavery and human trafficking and takes a zero-tolerance approach to these practices. This policy is applied throughout the organisation.

Within this financial year, the organisation has committed to ensuring that all staff directly employed by Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd. are compensated above the national living wage set out by the UK Government.

Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd. uses only industry established and reputable companies throughout the supply chain of the business. The Directors and employees have regular on-site visits with these companies to understand, and where possible, review their processes to ensure to the best of their ability that they are aligned with our view of tackling modern day slavery.

Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd. is a container asset leasing, trading and management company operating in the marine sector. More information is available in the company’s published accounts and on its website.


The Directors
Date: 31st March 2024

For and on behalf of:
Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd

G.J Mornard
Managing Diector

Anti-slavery Statement:

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